Private Dive

Exclusively Private Scuba Classes in Lahaina, Kaanapali Maui

Private scuba dives and classes and certifications are offered here in Lahaina Maui. Whether you are a single diver and choose to do a shore dive or class privately with an instructor.

Certified Divers Private dives

If you are certified & just want your family and friends on the dive for a personal scuba dive experience in Lahaina.  We are always ready to accommodate you and your diving needs. So that groups, couples, and individuals will get an amazing experience. We would love to make that happen for you and your family & friends.

Prices for private scuba tour or classes are.

Private Intro Class and Dive. $645.00 up to 5 Divers

Private Refresher Course for Certified Divers  $645.00 up to 6 Divers

Private Dive for Certified Diver  $594.00 up to 5 Divers

Lahaina and Kaanapali, Maui has some great diving!

Honeymoon Scuba Divers can do the Private Discount Photo Package. Exclusively for you on your honeymoon dive in Maui. Check out the Honeymoon Scuba Package page.

Please specify if you would like an exclusively PRIVATE Dive when making your reservation.

Who Does Private Scuba Diving in Maui?

We offer the Private scuba lessons on daily basis. If you want that extra attention or would like a more intimate class and dive. This is best for you!

Private scuba diving Class Student in lahaina maui

First Time Diving Private Class

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