Private Dive

Prices for Private Scuba Classes & Dives

Private Intro Class & Dive 4 Max $581
Private Refresher Class & Dive 4 Max $581 $129 each additional
Private Intro 2nd Dive 4  Max $436
Private Guided Dives Certified Divers 6  Max $654

Exclusively Private Scuba Classes in Lahaina, Kaanapali Maui

Perfect for divers that want to feel at ease to learn scuba diving at their  own pace. Or just to feel a little safer. Get the best experience for your money in our private scuba lessons for beginners or first time divers. We offer Intro dives for beginners classes privately with  your own instructor, one on one.  Includes training and equipment

Certified Divers Private dives

If you are certified & just want your family and friends on the dive for a personal scuba dive experience in Lahaina.  We are always ready to accommodate you and your diving needs. So that groups, couples, and individuals will get an amazing experience. We would love to make that happen for you and your family & friends.

Private scuba diving Class Student in lahaina maui

When & Where

The Private scuba lessons are offered in Lahaina, Kaanapali on a daily basis at 8:30 am  11 am and 2 pm. Classes & dives are done at an actual dive site not a pool but on a beautiful reef accessed by a beach. If you would like that extra attention, or would like a more intimate class and dive. This course choice is the best for you!

Weddings & Reunions etc.

If you are having a family reunion, or a wedding party etc. this is the way to go. You will have an absolute blast and just in your own private party to get those memories of a lifetime. Scuba dive privately in Maui with us, and enjoy the many beautiful reefs Kaanapali and Lahaina have to offer. Please call for details if you are looking to book more that 8 divers.

Non Swimmers IMPORTANT

Please specify if you are a non swimmer when booking online in the comment area. Maximum 2 divers that are poor or non swimmers when making your PRIVATE Scuba class and dive reservation.

Private Dive, First Time Diver

Lahaina and Kaanapali, Maui has some great diving!

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