Become a Scuba Diver in Only a Couple days

If time is an obstacle for finishing your Open Water Diver Certification while on Maui. The  Scuba Diver Certification is designed so that you can get certified as a Scuba Diver. Then at a later date upgrade to Open Water Diver

Or, if you just want to be certified to dive with a professional to 40 feet max without doing the Intro Course each time. The Scuba Diver certification may be the choice for you.

Course Structure:

2 days

  • You would need to finish the first three chapters of the Open Water Diver Manual.
  • There are 3 quiz’s.
  • Confined water skills sections 1-3.
  • Complete a 10-minute swim/float demonstrating comfort in water too deep in which to stand prior to Open Water Dive 2.
  • Open Water Dives 1 and 2 of the 4 open water check out Dives

Upon completion you will have the SCUBA DIVER certification for life. You can then use this at any time to upgrade to the Open Water Diver Certification without the restrictions of the SCUBA DIVER rating. We can do all of your training near your hotel if you are staying in the Kaanapali Lahaina area in Maui.