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Shark Dive Maui Lahaina

Shark Diving in Maui is a highly requested dive. Fortunately Maui does have a shark dive site where you can encounter White Tip Reef Sharks at Mala Wharf. This is by far the best place to see sharks in Maui due to the frequency we see sharks and the amazing topography & sea life. It is also called Mala Pier. This shark dive is located off Front Street in Lahaina Maui, only a 10 minute drive from the hotels in Kaanapali. 

The sharks can be seen on average 75 percent of the time here. This is an easy shore dive off Front Street in north Lahaina, Maui. Intro beginner scuba divers are welcome to dive with the sharks on their second dive. This is due to the site having obstacles, and we want to make sure our first-time divers are stable in the water before they dive there.

Scuba diving with sharks in Maui is a real thrill for all our divers, and the sharks are easily found resting under the wreckage at Mala Wharf,  not a from cage. When scuba divers approach the sharks, they will swim around for a bit and then come back to the spot they were resting. We usually get about 1 to 8 sharks when diving at Mala Wharf. 

Lots of Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles call this dive site home as well.

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Maui Shark Dive in Lahaina Kaanapali

Maui Shark Dive Near Lahaina Kaanapali

Here are some frequently asked questions about Shark Dives in Maui

Is there shark diving in Maui?

Yes, Maui does have shark diving spot. Take your vacation to the next level with Maui shark diving. Swim and dive with white tip sharks at Mala Wharf.

What are the types of Sharks found on Maui?

There are 4 common species of sharks in Hawaii. This includes white tip reef sharks, black tip reef sharks, Galapagos and Grey reef sharks. White tip reef sharks are mostly spotted on Maui’s Mala Pier diving site. Here Maui divers can easily encounter the white-tip reef sharks laying on the sea floor underneath alcoves while sleeping during the day.

Can you swim with sharks in Maui?

Yes, you can swim and dive with sharks in Maui. Shark diving is one of the most popular diving experiences for seasoned and beginner divers.

How much does it cost to swim with sharks in Maui?

Join us for a swim that you’ll never forget. Experience our Shark Turtle Wreck dive at just $119 if you are a certified diver.  First time divers, or non certified divers can do the Shark Turtle Wreck  dive for $248. This includes the Intro dive (required first) then you are ready to check out this fantastic dive site. call 808-264-8198

Where is the best place to swim with sharks?

The Mala Wharf Pier has the best chances to see sharks on Maui. The old condemned/collapsed pier is loaded with a large variety of fish, turtles and white-tip reef sharks. Most of the sharks are found resting in the shallow depressions under the wreckage.

What are the best sharks to swim with?

The White tip Reef Shark is the best shark to swim with, they are small greyish brown sharks and pose minimal threat to humans. This is a relatively harmless species, and are most frequently encountered sharks on Maui.