Scuba dive with sharks in Maui.

Maui does has a couple shark dive sites where you can encounter White Tip Reef Sharks; Mala Wharf is by far best! Also called Mala Pier. This shark dive is located in Lahaina Maui, only a 10 minue drive from the hotels in Kaanapali. The sharks can be seen on average 70 percent of the time here. This is an easy shore dive off north Lahaina, Maui. Intro beginner scuba divers are welcome to dive with the sharks on their second dive. This is due to the site having obstacles, and we want to make sure our first time divers are stable in the water before they dive there.

Shark Dive Maui Lahaina

Scuba diving with sharks in Maui is a real thrill for all our divers, and the sharks are easily found resting under the wreckage at Mala Wharf.When scuba divers approach the sharks, they will swim around for a bit and then come back to the spot they were resting. We usually get about 1 to 8 sharks when diving Mala Wharf.

Lots of Hawaiian Grean Sea Turtles call thi dive site home as well.

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