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Beginner Scuba Diving Maui Turtle Dive
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No Experience Needed, Try SCUBA DIVING IN MAUI!!!

The minimum age requirement to scuba dive is 10. Yes, 10 year old children are allowed to dive under the direct supervision of a Certified scuba instructor here in Maui. The Introductory dive training course is designed for First Time & Beginner Divers. 10 through 14 year old divers can use this course to achieve the Junior  Open Water Diver Certification. Ask your instructor for more details. After your first scuba training and dive, you can do more diving and locations on Maui during your stay. This would be at a discounted rate of $79.00. We would not need to go through the lesson again; just head out to the water and dive. Scuba Dive Without Certification in Maui with Us!!!

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Introductory scuba diving for beginners in Maui is the best way to expose you and your family in a
SAFE dive class with Ty. Introductory Scuba Divers can

Scuba Dive with Turtles in Maui only $99.00

on a second dive purchase. Turtles are abundant here and we dive with them regularly.
If you do not see a turtle you get $20.00 back.

Introductory Beginner Scuba Diving Lessons in Maui

Learn scuba diving with the best rated scuba company in Maui. Families & groups of all experience levels can dive together. We offer scuba diving lessons for individuals and our groups are always small. We offer great deals and have an excellent reputation in Maui, Kaanapali, and Lahaina for safe, fun and unforgettable scuba diving experiences. Book your family scuba classes today!

What you will be taught in the Intro Dive Class

You will learn pressure and altitude concerns, hand signals, equalizing pressure in ears, how the equipment works & how to use it,  clearing water out of mask, locating your regulator and clearing water from it, and much more.

Dive with your certified friends & family on your Intro Dive

We have a few options for your intro scuba diving classes. Certified divers can join in with their friends & family on your first beginner dive in Maui. GoPro camera rentals or have us video your dive. We want to make your experience memorable. We love teaching beginner scuba divers in Maui learn the basics for their first dive. Private scuba lessons & tours, can be arranged. Use your first dive toward your open water diver certification.  You may even get a chance to dive with turtles.

Beginner Scuba Diving Maui Turtle

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Before making your reservation please read the Discover Scuba Diving Maui Intro to Scuba Questionnaire.

Each Participant MUST answer “NO” to all the questions. Otherwise your Doctor will need to release you to do the Intro Dive.

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