Intro to Scuba Course Overview

The Intro to scuba diving lesson for beginners is the perfect way to get you out diving, whether it’s your first time, or you have done it in the past. You do not need a scuba certification or prior experience to dive in Maui. If you want to try out scuba diving for the first time, this is the course for you! 

You MUST be a good swimmer and in relatively good physical health. You can add on more dives after the initial Intro dive. We don’t need to go through the lesson again, just head out to the water and dive. Kids can dive with their family, or alone with an instructor. Learning to scuba dive is EASY. All you would need  for the class & dive, is a couple hours of free time which includes 30-40 minutes underwater. After a short class you will dive under the direct supervision of an instructor. We do this from the shore, in Kaanapali & Lahaina, not from a boat. This makes it very easy and much more successful for first time divers. 

Discover scuba diving with us, it’s safe and specifically designed for those that have never been diving before. We specialize in scuba classes for beginners here in Kaanapali & Lahaina.

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What you will be taught in the class

Beginner Scuba Diving Maui Turtle Dive

In the Intro scuba course, You will learn pressure and altitude concerns, hand signals, equalizing pressure in ears, how the equipment works & how to use it, clearing water out of mask, locating your regulator and clearing water from it, and much more. First we will teach you on land, then at the surface of shallow water. We teach the beginner classes right here in Kaanapali

You MUST be a GOOD swimmer to be able to participate the scuba lesson and dive. To be absolutely clear, we teach beginner scuba divers not swimming lessons.

Age Requirements to dive

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The minimum age requirement for children to scuba dive in Maui is 12. The kids are allowed to dive under the direct supervision of a certified scuba instructor. The Intro dive course is designed for first time & beginner divers. We may allow 10-11 year old’s at our discretion , you may be asked to have them sign up for a private Intro Scuba session for their safety. Please call.

Dive with your certified friends & family

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We have a few options for your intro scuba diving class. Certified divers can join in with their friends & family on your first beginner dive in Maui. GoPro camera rentals, or have us video your dive. We want to make your experience is memorable. We love teaching novices & beginner scuba divers in Maui learn the basics for their first dive. Private scuba lessons & tours, can be arranged. Use your first dive toward certification.  You may even get a chance to dive with turtles.

Dive with the most EXPERIENCED Scuba Instructors!!!

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All The Turtles

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Scuba Dive with Turtles & Sharks in Maui only $129.00

on a second (repeat Intro) dive purchase only $109.00. Turtles are abundant here and we dive with them regularly. We see an average of 10- 20 turtles at this dive site on most days.

Beginner Scuba Diving Maui Turtle

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You MUST be a Strong Swimmer

Before making your reservation please read the MEDICAL RELEASE AND the Discover Scuba Diving Maui Intro to Scuba Questionnaire. Questions call us 808-264-8198

Each Participant MUST answer “NO” to all the questions. Otherwise your Doctor will need to release you to do the Intro Dive.

Each participant MUST be able to speak and understand English!!! For your safety, we cannot have someone translating for them.

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