Black Rock Kaanapali

Black Rock Maui at the Sheraton Scuba diving

Black Rock is located at the Sheraton Maui in Kaanapali. Located next to Black Rock in Kaanapali, 10 minutes north of Lahaina. This is an easy beginner to intermediate shore dive site with depths to 32 feet. Entrance to the dive is about a 5 minute walk from the parking lot to the north side entrance. And about the same walk from the South side entrance. There is a wall and coral reef. Approximately 10 resident Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles call this home. This site has one of the most abundant and diverse fish populations on Maui, and was rated one of the top 4 beach dives in the USA. Located on the west most facing shore of Maui. Currents can be running along shore from north or south, making for a great drift dive. We do not dive or teach at this hotel. This is for you information We can take out not far from here though.

Scuba dive Maui without certification is possible. If you would like to scuba dive in Maui and do not have a scuba certification. You can dive with a certified scuba instructor in the Intro to Scuba Diving Course. You need to be in reasonably good medical condition and able to swim.

Night Dive at Black Rock

Famous for all the activity that goes on after the sun has set with Eels out and hunting, lobsters, crabs, Turtles, Spanish Dancers, White tip Reef Sharks patrolling the reef just to mention a few.

Black Rock Maui Shore Dive

Snorkeling Black Rock Maui.

This definitely is great, but be aware of the strong current at the surface. Go with the current around the rock if you feel it hard to get back from where you started.

Take it up a notch from snorkeling. Try scuba diving in Maui in our beginner scuba class. A short Scuba training lesson to dive safely in Maui.

Directions to Black Rock

Travel North on Highway 30 until mile marker 24, then turn left
on to Ka’anapali Parkway. Follow the road around to the right until you end up up at cross walk near tennis courts.

at the Sheraton Maui. There you will find a garage for public parking.

Black Rock’s Hawaiian name is Pu’u Keka’a

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