Scuba Dive With Turtles In Lahaina Kaanapali Maui

Beginners (Intro's on 2nd dive only) & certified divers can enjoy diving with Turtles In Maui all year round.

Scuba diving with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles in Maui is real common. Their Hawaiian name Honu, can be seen singularly & multiple turtles on a dive year round. You may see one, maybe ten.

In Dec 2015 there were 17 turtles on a Mala Wharf dive. At some locations they come up on the shore. If you plan to dive or snorkel with the turtles, beware, they are protected with big fines for touching them.

Scuba Dive With Turtles On Maui
Turtle Dive Maui

Get your picture taken with the Turtles on your dives

Thousands of Ty’s Divers have had their pictures taken with our friendly Turtles.  Only upon special request.

They hang out ready to pose with you off the shores of Kaanapali in Lahaina Maui.

Turtle Dive Maui! Let’s do it!

Dive with Turtles in Maui!!!

 $119.00 (Certified divers first dive)

$119.00 (Intro Diver Second Dive)

Scuba Dive With Turtles In Maui

Only on Intro divers second dive due to locations available for Introductory Scuba Divers and comfort levels.

Sign up for the  “Shark Turtle Wreck Dive” (They are Not dangerous sharks. I promise) option by calling us, or make your reservation online.

Turtle Scuba Dive in Maui, Book it today

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