Children Can Scuba Dive in Maui Too.


Children ages 10 and above are more than welcome to participate in our Intro Scuba Course and even dive in the ocean, here in Maui. They will see an array of beautiful sea life on reefs right off the shores of Kaanapali. We will take the kids on a very SAFE, FUN and informative diving experience. An adventure of a lifetime!!! They must be strong enough to carry 35 pounds backpack style about 50 yards. They must be able to pay 100% attention to the scuba instruction that lasts approximately 30 minutes. The dive itself lasts about 30 – 40 minutes in shallow water. First time scuba divers, including kids, can go to a maximum of 40 feet. That does not mean we will go to that depth. We will make an assessment at the surface and while in the water as to the kids comfort and SAFETY.  If they are performing well, and only if they WANT to get deeper, then we will. Scuba certified parents, friends, family are welcome to join in with the kids on their dives. All participants must be able to swim to scuba dive. Not an athletic swimmer, but a strong swimmer. If not, we can only do a private lesson max 2 divers.

kids scuba diving lahaina maui
Kids Scuba Diving Kaanapali Lahaina Maui

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Patient scuba instructor with kids and adults, Our team has a great reputation for working with the kids that want to dive Maui, or are already certified scuba divers.

Kaanapali and Lahaina is where the Scuba Intro Course is done, typically 5 minutes from any of the hotels on the West Side Kaanapali and Lahaina area. 

What is the minimum age to scuba dive in Maui, Hawaii?

The minimum age to scuba dive in Maui, or around the world actually is 10. Most companies will only take kids that are 12 years old and above. In order to keep them safe, 10 and 11 year old kids can dive in a private class.

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