Mala Wharf Pier Lahaina

The BEST Dive Site on Maui!

Mala Wharf is a beginner to intermediate scuba dive with depths to 35 feet on the outer reaches. An old concrete Pier built in 1922, that partially (1/2) collapsed in 1992 during hurricane Iniki. Good for wreck specialty certification. Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, White Tip Sharks, Frog Fish and tons more.

Entrance to the dive is about a 1-minute walk from the large parking lot and the entry is approximately a 5 min shallow wade. You will need booties (provided) to protect your feet from the rocky entrance. Mala Pier is a very popular scuba dive destination for many Maui residents to go diving.

You don’t have to pay the extra money to hire a dive boat company to take you, when you can drive to it and walk on down into the water.

Prices to dive at Mala Wharf 

Shark Turtle Wreck Dive Intro Package $238

Shark Or Turtle  Guarantee is $129

Non certified must do Intro first at $129

Second dive as an Intro diver or certified diver $109.00


There is a shower and rest room just off to the side of the road entering the boat ramp area.

Mala Wharf Scuba Diving near Lahaina Maui
Mala Wharf pier in Lahaina Maui

Google map link to Mala Wharf


Mala Wharf is located off north Front St. on Mala Wharf Rd. Just behind Longs in the Lahaina Cannery Mall. Look for the house with the Jesus Coming Soon sign on top. From there, head towards the water.

Things to be aware of

Mala wharf is a GREAT dive site, but there are a few things to be aware of.

(1) If there surf that is more than chest high. There will likely be a rip current that comes from all the water entering the bay. It is not recommended to go out if you are not a strong swimmer.

(2) There are Lots of Sea Urchins that live all over the wreckage. More than you will see on any dive site on the west side of Maui. If there is surf, there will be surge that will move the water back and forth. This will make it challenging to avoid bumping into things. You do not want to bump into and get stabbed by the Sea Urchins or metal poking out from the concrete.

(3) You will need hard sole booties for making your entry and exit. There is no sand to walk in and out on at Mala Wharf. The surface you walk on, is an old lava flow with a hard and bumpy surface. It also has small to large rocks (basketball size) that you will kick with your toes if you are not paying attention.

(4) Police frequent this location so Do NOT Park in the Boat Trailer parking area or you will get cited or towed.

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