Maui Resort Scuba Diving Classes

What is the Resort Scuba Class in Maui?

This is the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Class. Also known as the Intro Dive Course here in Maui. The class is perfect for tose that wants to try scuba diving under the supervision of a PADI scuba Instructor. You can do a single dive, or use this towards your scuba certification.

If you want to pursue the sport further during your stay or at a later date. Just ask your instructor for more information. If you do not want to get certified and just dive multiple times during your stay in Maui.

Then you can just continue diving with your instructor. Since you have already done all your safety orientation and safety skills, you will just go out and dive and get better on your air and dive time dive after dive.

Maui Resort Scuba Dive Course Divers

The Resort Scuba Class, Intro Dive Class in Lahaina is offered on a daily basis.

The dive group is always small, so that each participant gets a safe and fun scuba experience.

We do the lesson at the beach and not from a boat. This makes for a much better, less intimidating experience, as you can ease yourself into the shallow water.

The maximum depth we can take Intro Divers to is 40 feet. This does not mean we will take you straight down to 40 feet. If you want to start shallow that’s what we do. I

f you are looking comfortable underwater, your instructor will ask if you want to go deeper. Only after we are satisfied that you would be safe going deeper is when we go there.