A Beginner’s Primer to Scuba Diving

Have you always wanted to try scuba diving? Some people can’t wait to get the chance, while others may a have fear of being in the water and may be more tentative. In either case, this sport offers something for everyone. But before you jump in, here is some advice for this exciting adventure!

A Test Dive

Many companies offer courses that include a test dive, so you can determine if you enjoy it before buying a bunch of equipment that will then go unused. Even the best scuba divers often started out this way. The course will teach you what you need to know for safe Maui scuba diving. Then you’ll go on an ocean dive together, but with an instructor nearby. You’ll only go down a few feet or to a maximum of 40 feet. This can give you what you need to decide if you want to do it again, or get certified.

Stay Healthy

If you find that your dive is scheduled at a time where you feel sick with a cold, flu, or other illness that relates to your health, you might want to wait for the dive. If you are having issues with your sinuses, diving can create unbearable pressure in your ears. You should also be sure you are comfortable in the water, and know how to swim.

Take it Easy

Your first Maui scuba diving experience can be pretty exhillerating. You’ll be putting on some cool equipment, and entering an environment, you aren’t used to. Just remember that you have an instructor there who is experienced and will not allow anything to happen to you. When you’re anxious, you breathe more quickly, which might mean a short dive. Listen to your instructor for tricks to help you relax as much as possible.

Conserve your air

If you breath excessively while diving, it causes you to need more oxygen. Instead, breathe deeply and slowly. Bring the air into your lungs, pause, then exhale slowly. This can help conserve oxygen. Moving gently is also a good idea to limit oxygen use. The first dive is pretty low-key, so you don’t need to do too much too quickly.

Safety First

Avoid diving if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Follow your instructor’s directions. Stay close to your group. Wear sun block when you are above water. Don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids when you’re on the surface especially on hot days.

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