Maui Scuba Capital of the Universe

Why is diving Maui one of the most popular things to do for those who visit Hawaii? Let us count the ways:


For beginning scuba enthusiasts, diving Maui is the ideal way to learn in the best possible environment. In addition to the awesome weather (see below), Maui offers a large contingent of highly-experienced scuba teachers. Diving Maui is a smart way to begin your scuba “career,” because you’ll have access to instructors who know how to teach the basics, and that is essential in a safety-sensitive sport like scuba.


Above and below the water, the local scenery is breathtaking and makes a lasting impression on one’s memory. Underwater reefs, natural sea life, and one-of-a-kind flora unique to the area are just a few of the scenic highlights that people enjoy when they end up diving Maui.

Hey! You’re in Hawaii

The most obvious advantage for diving Maui is the fact that you’re not in the continental U.S. or some landlocked body of water. You’re in Hawaii, one of the most naturally gorgeous spots on planet earth. That beauty is clearly evident beneath the water as well. When it’s time to take a break from scuba at the end of a long, fun day, there’s an endless list of exciting activity choices to look forward to.


You can take advantage of diving Maui any time of the year. Unlike some other scenic scuba destinations, and there are plenty of them, Maui offers year-round agreeable dive weather.


Scuba is a sport best practiced with others. Because Maui is a top diving destination, there are always plenty of chances to meet up with others who enjoy this incredible, intriguing sport. Maui could rightly be called the global capital for scuba diving.

There’s really no better spot for new and experienced divers than Maui.

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