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If Using YELP as your go to source for Reviews?

Think Again!!!

They use Strong leveraging techniques to force businesses to advertise with them.Rated as a top scuba company in Maui since 2002 to present. In2Scuba Diving Maui Dive Co. has had thousands of divers over the years that have had nothing to say but 5 STAR reviews about In 2 Scuba Diving Maui and how Ty & Deborah treat our divers and operate this company. Yelp has tried to get us to advertise with them from the beginning and I have always refused. The first time I refused, they dropped half of my reviews. Yelp Best Scuba Diving in Kaanapali or Lahaina Maui?

Then SURPRISE! They got hit with a BIG LAWSUIT for doing this and were busted for doing their “No advertise with us or we drop your reviews game.” They wormed their way out of it with heavy duty lawyers. Since then, they have implemented their “Not recommended review section.” That has such a light font it is not seen. Still, they tried to get me to advertise with them, and again I refused This time I gave them an ear full of how I feel about their rail road business owners and consumers business TACTICS. NOW… Any time I get a review that my customers have taken their valuable time to write (and their kids) posting pictures etc. They are dumping them in the “Not recommended review section”…  68% of them!!! That is a staggering amount!!! These customers have been and are getting upset that their reviews are just getting dumped. Why? Because I do not advertise with them and they have the POWER to do so. From what I’ve seen… On average, business’s that advertise with them only get 26% or LESS of their reviews dumped in the “Not Recommended Review Section”.

This Blog post went live on 7/25/17  Today is 4/26/20

ALGORITHMS They say….? Yeah right!!! With a DUMP BUTTON.

Update: 04/26/20

Yelp have now dumped 122. All 5 Star reviews  showing only 76 all 5 star reviews

Below is from Yelps site

“122 reviews for In2Scuba Diving Maui Dive Co that are not currently recommended”

Note: The reviews below are not factored into the business’s overall star rating. of my customers reviews in the not recommended section. There are only 30 left for people to see.

THAT’S 62.22 of my customers reviews they are dumping.

Yelps SUCKS!!!  Don’t trust them! Don’t use them! Spread the word!!!

By the way… EVERY ONE of In 2 Scuba Diving Maui reviews on YELP HAVE been 5 star reviews. And they continue to dump them.

A couple months ago, I had a customer of mine that works for YELP. He told me. “They are doing this” and was very reluctant to tell me how they do this, but said. “They do it on an ongoing basis and that he does not like workng for them due to their sly business practices.”

Yelp Scuba Kaanapali or Yelp Lahaina scuba diving Maui search in Google and see what comes up and how many that advertise with YELP are higher rated, and have the most recommended reviews versus the not recommended reviews. You will see why TripAdvisor & Google are more trusted as a review site.

Tripadvisor uses REAL PEOPLE to filter the reviews. YELP uses an “Algorithm”  (as they say). Funny how their “Algorithm” knows that a company just turned down a sales call from them and that it will DUMP ten reviews over the next week. Also from I’ve and heard from a customer that is a Yelp employee, they can alter what they want in the results.

Look at the list of searches I have done below and how Yelp is dominating all the small scuba dive companies search results so that they click on their yelps favored advertisers that are listed higher in the result ranking page. Then look at how many are recommended reviews in favor of the ones that advertise versus non advertising companies.

Read this!!!

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