Patient Scuba Diving Instruction in Maui


If you are in need of patient scuba diving instruction in Maui, and an instructor that will understand your needs. Look no further. Ty and Deborah are your choice of all Maui scuba instructors. We pride ourselves in taking time working with new and beginner divers. Everyone learns at their own pace and we understand that, and want EVERYONE to succeed!

Thousands of First time scuba divers and certified divers have been out with us and never has their been one person that is given up on. “This a class, not the graduation” is Ty’s motto. If someone has certain needs, we will take it at that persons pace. You the student will never feel that you are being rushed. So just feel at ease with us. So If you really feel you would prefer your scuba instruction to be one on one, that can be arranged too. You’ll be offered a time when there isn’t others in the scuba class. Or, we can set you up on a private class.

Because we pride ourselves in offering the most patient scuba instruction in Maui. We have achieved the best rankings on all the review sites.

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