Scuba Gear: What do You Need?

If you are planning on going scuba diving, you may wonder what type of equipment you need to buy. Keep in mind, if you are new to the activity, it may be a good idea to rent items before making a purchase. That way you can see what you like and what works for you. However, when you get ready to buy, some essential pieces of equipment you need to purchase can be found here.

A Mask

If you are only able to purchase one piece of diving gear, then you should buy a mask. Make sure to choose a comfortable, high quality mask that fits your face well. This can make all the difference in having a great experience underwater and being miserable the entire time. Make sure to take your time when choosing one, and try out several to get the one that best suits your needs.


The majority of divers have also found that owning their own fits (or dive booties) will make them feel more confident while underwater. You can purchase these fins in a number of styles, stiffness and lengths, which is why this is something you should rent and try out first. You don’t know what is going to feel right for you until you try. Once you find the right pair, they can enhance your scuba diving experience significantly.

Having the right gear is going to significantly improve your experience and help you enjoy scuba diving even more. If you have questions, then you should work with a professional instructor, or someone who has been scuba diving in the past. This will ensure you are fully prepared for the experience.

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