Scuba Diving Maui with lots of Turtles in Lahaina

Mala Wharf Maui Lahaina Maui December 20, 2015 Video

Maui Scuba Diving & with the Turtles video just takes it over the top. Maui has some fantastic shore dives. This dive was one of our better days at Mala Wharf / Mala Ramp. I started with the typical dive briefing, letting my diver know about all the cool things we may see at Mala Wharf. Typically we get Turtles, White tip Reef sharks, lots of fish, the occasional Frog Fish and much more. We set off on our dive and started seeing more than the usual amount of Turtles scattered around the wreck. As we proceeded further towards the Turtle cleaning station near the end of Mala. We saw 8 Turtles all in one area all swimming and gliding in about 20 feet of water. In this area it is common to see 1-3 Turtles but 8 was amazing. I was trying to get my diver in the video with the Turtles but she did not understand I wanted her closer so please excuse the footage. Scuba Diving in Maui always has some special surprises. LOL