We Are Back Scuba Diving In Kaanapali



Aloha to all of our valued old and new friends and customers.

Due to the fire that occurred in Lahaina on Aug 8, 2024, our shop and and everything inside was a total loss. My home was not habitable and I could not return to live or conduct business since then. It has been a very tuff and long road trying to cope with all the loss and emotional state that our community has endured. I have been very grateful to all the help we have received from various sources.

It was so very hard to take phone calls  from all of our past and potential customers that wanted come to Maui and diving and join our classes to support us. But I had to tell everyone that I can’t take them out on dive tours in our beloved town of Lahaina, or Kaanapali at this time.

Lahaina art sign

We are welcoming tourism back to Maui

There are a few that are trying to make it sound like tourists are not welcome in Lahaina, Kaanapali, Maui. This is NOT true!!! The economy here in Maui relies mainly on tourism. Tourism plays a crucial role in supporting local economies and communities, and without your support many business’s will close permanently, and jobs will be lost. The local people that you will encounter at the restaurants, Luau’s, sunset cruise tours, EVERYTING will meet you with the same Aloha that has always been part of the Hawaiian tradition.

Now on  May 1st 2024 we are resuming our scuba diving business here in Kaanapali.

We can’t wait to see all of you returning  and to coming out diving with us, while helping us in the recovery of what we have endured. Give us a call and I would love to answer any questions you may have about our dive tours and classes. Or, you can book online.