The Best Scuba Diving in Maui for a Valentine’s Day Surprise

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Best Scuba Diving in Maui for aValentine’s Day Surprise

Surprise your sweetheart with an introduction to the best scuba diving in Maui for Valentine’s day in stunning Kaanapali, an upmarket beach resort nearby the charming colonial town of Lahaina on the northwest coast. Nothing could be more romantic than a tropical scuba diving holiday on the beautiful Hawaiian island.

Lush greenery, fragrant flowers, dazzling white beaches, and a crystal clear aquamarine ocean teaming with colorful fish, myriads of Hawaii’s green turtles, dolphins, and pods of mysterious migratory humpback whales await discovery. And for those whose love is true – we can arrange a romantic underwater wedding for you and your guests.

A stone’s throw away from your luxury hotel room, the magical Maui underwater world awaits your exploration. Expect azure blue waters and radiant bursts of dazzling fish exploding around corals in a celebration of life and vitality – just the perfect setting for the most romantic scuba activity on earth.

And you don’t need to be qualified for the best scuba Hawaii experience because In2scubadiving Maui offers private dive introduction to scuba lessons for couples and wedding parties. And scuba diving certifications for those adventurous souls with a little more time to spare who wish to take full advantage of the opportunity to learn more about marine life and dive deeper.

Scuba Diving for Beginners on Maui

Even if you’re an absolute newcomer to the wonders of the sea, you’re in safe hands with our scuba experts, who will guide, supervise you and your true love through an introductory scuba dive. You need to be able to swim well and have a basic level of proficiency in the water before you begin this exciting adventure together, discovering Maui underwater.

Best scuba Diving on Maui

With zero prior experience, our Valentine’s day private introductory scuba diving classes on Maui will take you and your guests to another level, deep below the water.

Who can do an Introductory Scuba Dive on Maui?

Anyone over ten years may learn to scuba dive – and there is no further age limit as long as your health is good.

If you have concerns about whether you or your beloved may not be physically up to it, get a checkup with a good diving doctor before your holiday who will check your lungs, heart, and ears – and can approve your fitness level for scuba. Check out some good rules to follow for diving safety here.

All participants must be proficient swimmers and be able to carry a bottle of air weighing 20 to 75 pounds across a short stretch of sandy beach. After a dive, allow time for rest and rehydration – and avoid taking flights or trips to higher altitudes for at least 12 hours afterward.

Private Introductory Scuba Classes in Lovely Lahaina For Valentine’s Day

Our private scuba diving classes are in Lahaina, called Lele in times past, a name that means ‘relentless sun’ in Hawaii. Once an ancient capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii, it is now a modern residential area, only two miles from the sublime Kaanapali resort.

Maui Scuba Diving Lessons

Lahaina is a bustling seaside town with great shops, cafes, restaurants, and nightlife. It’s famous for its delightful Front Street, where tourists can shop the gorgeous art galleries and fabulous souvenir shops for trinkets just by strolling down this lovely street bordering the sparkling ocean.

A Fabulous Maui Underwater Adventure

The adventure begins from the moment you arrive. Our introductory classes are not in a swimming pool but in the calm turquoise waters off Lahaina beach, where your Maui underwater encounter awaits.

After learning some basic theory and how the scuba equipment works (don’t worry, it’s a failsafe system and very easy to use), learners plunge straight into the magical world of the sea from the beach.

The class will be about an hour long, depending on how many learners there are in your group, followed by a stunning dive to 12 meters or 40 feet that will last about half an hour to 45 minutes.

What Happens in an Introductory Scuba Lesson?

Scuba Diving Intro Class IN Maui Hawaii

In the class, you will learn the simple hand signals that divers use underwater to communicate – like the signal for “I am okay,” “going up,” “going down,” “time out,” “ how much air do you have left in your cylinder or gas bottle,” and “something’s wrong.” Not much can go wrong underwater, but occasionally, a diver may have a cramp or feel unwell – in which case, the solution is to come up and end the dive. You can always try again when you feel better.

Beginners also learn how to equalize the pressure building in the ears upon descent, clear their mask from foggy buildup underwater, and retrieve and clear the regulator (or mouthpiece). After absorbing these straightforward instructions, the only thing left is to plunge into the Maui underwater paradise.

Planning a Romantic Underwater Wedding on Maui


Wedding Under The Water
Bride and groom holding hands underwater Maui, Hawaii


We recommend that brides, grooms, and their wedding guests complete the private introductory course and enjoy their first dive before attending the big event on a second dive.

Guests can join as witnesses to your special moment underwater or wait with flowered leis, beautiful music, champagne, and confetti for the newlyweds to emerge triumphant from the surf.

Your luxury resort hotel can provide the menu, delicious cocktails, excellent service and a traditional Hawaiian band to make the big day special – and the stunning azure waters of Maui will provide the rest. Book now to ensure the best scuba diving on Maui for a romantic Valentine’s Day surprise.