Water temperature in Maui by month

Current water temperature for scuba diving Maui info

  • Sept 30th 2013 is 81 degrees Fahrenheit
  • November 18th 2013 the water temp is still pretty warm in Maui this time of year. I took a reading down in Wailea and temp gauge read 78 degrees at 45 feet.
  • December 2nd 2013 Water temp off Maui is 76 Degrees in Makena at 30 Feet.
  • February 15th 2014 Maui water temp checked in at 75 degrees in Ka’anapali
  • March 2nd 2014 Maui water temp checked in at 75 degrees in Lahaina
  • April 7th 2014 Maui water temp was 76 degrees in Kaanapali at Black Rock
  • May 5th 2014 Maui water temperature in Kaanapali was 77 degrees. So, it is definitely getting warmer now. In Wailea in a normally warmer area it was 80 degrees.
  • June 28th Scuba diving black rock today water temp was was 80 degrees. So, we are pretty much at max temp we get here in Maui during the summer.
  • July 29th Airport beach in Kaanapali we had 81 degrees feels much warmer in the shallows
  • August 20th 81 degrees and an 82  degree reading at Airport beach Kaanapali. Divers that do not want to wear a wetsuit are feeling warm even after two dives Whoop Whoop!!!!
  • Sept 30th 2014 Exceptionally warm water I am getting 82-84 readings in all locations
  • October 31st 2014 Starting to notice a very slight cooling. Water temp today was 80 degrees still can’t complain huh?
  • November 12th 2014 Water is definitely cooling down. In Kaanapali today it was 79 degrees and in Lahaina at Mala Wharf it was 80 degrees
  • December 3rd 2014 and now I am getting 76- 77 degree readings in Kaanapali
  • August 20th 2015 We are having a nice warm water temp of 82 degrees
  • September 20th 2015 The water here in Maui is still exceptionally warm and hanging around 83 degrees.
  • Scuba Diving in Maui this year has been a real treat, and no wet suits have been the norm for most divers.
  • October 20th 2015 Maui ocean temperature is still abnormally warm at around 80 degrees Fahrenheit