Maui’s Best Kept Secrets: A Guide to Diving and Island Activities”

Scuba Diving Maui with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles




The Green Sea turtle aka Honu are some of the cutest and friendliest dive buddies.

Honu can grow to a length of 5 feet (1.5m). There are various scuba classes to get you ready for your diving adventure with these loveable sea creatures.


Maui has a large selection of marine life, and some are picture-perfect when you embark on a snorkeling trip.

On your snorkeling adventure, you might see the Honu, manta rays, eels and sometimes some harmless reef sharks like the Black Tip. Snorkling comes with many health benefits, and you get to observe beautiful underwater diversity and bio-organisms

Whale Watching (seasonal)


Summer is the ideal time for whale watching. In the warm seasons, the humpbacks are more prominent.

They love the warm temperatures for their young and pregnant females appreciate this time of the year too. The whale-watching season takes place from mid-January to March each year.

Shark Dive Maui

Shark diving is a thrilling and unique experience and if you’re looking for up close and personal experience, this one is for you.

Unlike cage diving, you can enjoy swimming with the sharks at the Mala Pier. The one frequently found on the pier is the white-tip reef shark. They’re smaller shark species with many adults growing up to 5ft (1.7m)

Maui’s Spinner Dolphins



The Spinner dolphins of Maui are no strangers to the warm tropical waters, and you can find many of them swimming together in large groups.

These beautiful creatures get their name due to their love of leaping and spinning in mid-air. It is quite the spectacle and one not to miss. Spinner dolphins can grow up to almost 7 feet long (2.1 meters).


Hana aka Waia’napanapa, is a beautiful state park in Hawaii. There are many things to do when visiting Hana, including the exploration of fascinating sea caves, hiking trails, ancient sites, and blooming lustrous flora.

Visit art galleries, go scuba diving, shop fresh at a farmer’s market and take in picturesque scenery.


Haleakala is steeped in history and a sacred heritage of Maui. It’s believed that the demigod Maui had an encounter with the sun which is why the sun moves slowly around the earth as we know it today.

The vast landscapes feature volcanic craters, indigenous creatures, and plant life. Enjoy guided tours and stargazing in the evening.


Maui is rich in landscapes and various terrains, and this is why you can enjoy some off-road AVT adventures.

Experience the breeze and the sunny skies as you and your crew ride along the designated trails. When driving an AVT, wear safety gear and appropriate apparel.


Kayaking is one of many water activities in Maui. You don’t have to be a pro but knowing the basics is helpful. Some popular destinations in Maui for kayaking include Honolua Bay, Molokini, and Turtle Town. Kayaking can also be weather permitting so check the weather forecast ahead of time.

Para-sailing (seasonal)



Parasailing is an exciting way to get a true bird’s eye view of Maui’s coast. It often involves a bit of wind and elevations up to 500ft (152.4m).

Parasailing might not be for those who fear heights, but, it is a unique experience of a lifetime.

Jet Skiing (seasonal)


Jet Skiing Maui Hawaii


Enjoy a leisure hike through the scenic trails observing nature at its best. Practice safety while hiking and there are also convenient guided hiking tours for an even better experience.

Fishing Charters

If you enjoy fishing, then a fishing charter might be the ideal adventure for you. You’ll be able to proudly catch your fish and share the spoils with friends or family.

Sunset Sails

Blissful fun and romance are what you can expect with a beautiful sunset sail. While out in the pristine waters of Hawaii, you take in the scenic ocean. Watch the skies and sea transition in color with an awe-inspiring sunset as a backdrop for your cruise.


To experience the culture and vibrance of Hawaii, what better way to do so than with a Luau festival?

Luau is a long practice passed from Hawaiian ancestors throughout generations. It features Polynesian dancing, music, and native cuisine. It is a unique experience and a must to witness when visiting Maui.


Visit the Maui Ocean Center aquarium with your family and discover the local sea creatures up close. You can also enjoy botanical tours, snorkling, shark dives and lots more.

Helicopter tours

Helicopter tours are not only a bird’s eye view of Maui, but also an exciting experience and one of a kind. Enjoy breathtaking views of waterfalls, Lao Valley State Park, and rainforests.

Micro Breweries

With a microbreweries tour, you get to sample various craft beers and ciders. Some microbreweries include food pairing options.

The guided tours explore insightful information like how the beer is made and other interesting facts. Speak to your local tour guide for more.

Tedeschi Winery

Wine and food pairings, wine tastings and wine tours are just some of the experiences you can enjoy with a visit to Tedeschi Winery in Hawaii.

Zip Lines

Zip line adventures are not for the faint at heart. It is fast, adrenalin-pumping, and an experience of a lifetime. Maui has a variety of zipline and aerial parks to choose from and enjoy.


If you enjoy golf, you’ll be pleased to know that there are an array of golf courses to choose from in Maui. Visit the Makena Golf Beach Club and the 18-hole Fairmont Kia Lani Maui Wailea Golf course.