Lahaina Maui Fire update April 6, 2024 Scuba Diving Resumes Operation in Kaanapali


West Maui is still open. Please come visit Kaanapali, Honokawai, Napili, Kahana, Kapalua, the community needs your support.
We are hearing reports that people are trying to view the devastated area in Lahaina. Just a friendly reminder to help educate people. Please refrain from doing this. The comunity of Lahaina has endured so much trauma since this terrible event we need everyone to please be respectful. The comunity is welcomoing visitors with open arms and the workers in any form need your support.

Visitors to Maui, whether in West Maui can show their support by patronizing local businesses, participating in community events or initiatives, and contributing to recovery efforts in meaningful ways. By demonstrating care and solidarity, visitors can make a positive impact and help the community heal and rebuild.

Let’s continue to promote empathy, respect, and support for the communities of West Maui and beyond as they navigate through challenging times.

In2Scuba Diving Maui is now able to resume operating and we are ready to take scuba divers out inKaanapali for an amazing adveture. Please help support us, as we also lost our scuba shop in Lahaina during the fire.

Thank you, and please share this important message and reminder to your friends and family.