Kaanapali scuba and Kaanapali Beach Maui Information

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If you are just starting to plan your trip to Maui, and will be staying in Ka’anapali here is a little information about the area. Kaanapali is the main “Hotel Row” on Maui and a golf course. It has several great locations to Scuba Dive Not as busy, or crowded as Waikiki. Kaanapali is approximately a 3 mile stretch of beach located north of the famous former whaling town of Lahaina.

On the main stretch of the hotels you will find a nice beach walk that you can walk the entire stretch of the hotels on this row that is about one mile long.

Starting from the south at the Hyatt Regency Maui to the Sheraton Maui on the north. Located on and at the base of Black Rock Maui.
Along this portion of the beach walk you will be able to see the islands of Lanai and Molokai. In the middle of the hotels is a shopping mall called Whalers Village.

Here you will find lots of touristy shops for souvenirs and fancy shops for gifts. There are numerous restaurants and bars that you can sit and look out at the Pacific from.

In the middle of the mall there is a small food court to grab a quicker bite to eat. You will find a small Whaling museum that is free of charge; at least it was free at the time I wrote this. Very interesting and for free on Maui? Can’t beat that.

As you continue up the path towards the Sheraton you will be able to see Black Rock. The path will end as you reach the Sheraton but if you just dip down onto the beach or walk along the Sheraton’s grounds you will be at Black Rock.

Black Rock is one of the most popular SCUBA and snorkeling spots on Maui. It gets very crowded here with Cabanas and people on the beach and in the water. Bring your own or rent your snorkel gear BEFORE you get here.

The company that rents snorkel gear at Black Rock is the MOST EXPENSIVE you will find on Maui. They know they have the spot cornered. Here at Black Rock you will find an abundance of sea life. Lots of different types of fish, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, Spotted Eagle Rays and occasionally the endangered Monk Seal.

The Turtles are so used to people here that they will swim right next to you as if you were not even there. Now, with this being said. People that are not aware will grab them and touch them. This is ILLEGAL. Please don’t be tempted, and let them do their thing. In the summer months, they will come in very close to the shore to feed on the Sea Lettuce that grows in the summer.

The water is not very deep along the south face of Black Rock. At the point it is around 20 ft. If you would like to jump off the rock (15 ft. high), there is a spot where hundreds of people a day are doing that. Don’t worry about hitting any obstacles under the water. It is a sandy bottom that is 12-15 ft. deep.

If Black rock is your destination have fun!!!! If you would like to go for a lot longer walk up north Ka’anapali. Continue through the Sheraton property and head out towards the the back of it through he breezeway leading to the tennis courts. go past the courts and cross the road where you see the golf course.

Continue to the left and there’s an asphalt path along a water drainage. Follow the path all the way to the Royal Lahaina resort where there is a beach side bar and restaurant and a few shops. Or, drop down on to the beach and continue on along the quiet side of Kaanapali beach.

This part of the beach is much slower paced. Here you can walk up on to another beach path that starts just after the Royal Lahaina. Or, just walk the beach. This is where Old Airport Beach Park is located. Old Airport Beach Park is another great place to SCUBA DIVE and snorkel on Maui.

It has a VERY shallow reef that starts just yards off the sandy shore. Old Airport Beach Park / Kahekili beach park is also a great place to have a BBQ, with its BBQ’s and pick nick tables located on the grassy area and under the shaded area. There is a shower and restrooms here as well. The Honua Kai resort (the newest on Maui) is at the end of this portion of north Ka’anapali beach park. If you have heard of Dukes Beach House Restaurant… It is located at the Honua Kai.

Kaanapali beach offers beautiful sunsets year round.