Get your PADI Specialty Diver Scuba Diving Certifications While on Maui in a Short Time

Become certified as a Specialist in any of the scuba diving specialties listed below

PADI Scuba Diving Specialty Certification Courses can be completed in 1-2 days of diving in Maui. Work towards your Master Scuba Diver Certification with any of the 5 specialty Scuba Ratings on the list. You can choose classes individually or, you can take 5 classes of your choice at a discounted rate.

The underwater Navigation is the MOST useful specialty offered. You look real good making it back to the boat without having to surface to find it.

The PADI under water photographer specialty course is always a favorite of our divers. With this course you will learn how to get more KEEPER photos of your dive vacation than you ever have on past dives.

Aware Fish ID $169.00 2 Dives
Boat Diver $169.00 2 Dives + Boat Fee
Deep Diver $169.00 2 Dives
Night Diver $269.00 3 Dives
Underwater Naturalist $169.00 2 Dives
Underwater Navigator $249.00 3 Dives
Peak Performance Buoyancy $169.00 2 Dives
Oxygen First Aid $75.00
Drift Diver $169.00 2 Dives
Most Popular Underwater Photographer $169.00 2 Dives + $45.00 camera rental if needed
Nitrox Diver $250.00 2 Dives
Emergency First Responder $99.00
Each course has a PIC (Personal ID Card) processing fee. Study material fees vary depending on course $35.00