Info about SNUBA versus SCUBA

SNUBA Diving in Kaannapali & Lahaina Maui

Snuba Diving Lahaina Maui.  A comparison to scuba diving versus safety and ease….

If you  are considering doing snuba diving versus scuba because you think scuba is too advanced. Let’s go in to some of the facts about scuba versus snuba diving in Maui

People are mislead in to thinking SNUBA is safer & easier than SCUBA diving.

Not true!


Snuba guides are JUST THAT, guides… They are not required to be a certified scuba instructor by any certifying scuba agency. The minimum certification they must hold is rescue diver. That is not even a Divemaster. A  Divemaster is the first level as a professional diver in the world wide recreational scuba diving  industry. This is sanctioned by the RSTC. (Recreational Scuba Training Council). Scuba Instructors are above, more experienced and at a higher training level than a Divemaster.

Snuba class briefings are very short and minimal knowledge is given to the class about the physics of breathing underwater. Participants have weights wrapped around them to sink, then go under to about 20 feet. We see so many snuba  divers pop up out of the water (guide not to be seen) and cling to the raft above them. This is because they freaked out then bolted to the surface with the regulator out of their mouths. This can cause a lung over expansion injury.

So if you are still thinking about Snuba Diving in Kaanapali, Lahaina Maui. I hope this will help educate you. Scuba diving is MUCH safer and you will get proper training from a certified scuba Instructor.

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Our Scuba Instructors here in Lahaina, Kaanapali have gone through extensive training and must have an minimum of 100 dives prior to starting the scuba instructor development certification process.

You, as a beginner scuba diver can participate in the Intro class and dive. This is where you will get a structured lesson and detailed knowledge of how to go under water in a safe manner. This is done in the DIRECT supervision of a Scuba Instructor. This class allows first time scuba divers to go to a maximum of 40 feet. Keep in mind, this is only a max limit. Instructors can decide depth ahead of time with their students. We can go to 15 feet if the student wants to or, the instructor deems it necessary. Basically, we can dive at any depth up to 40 feet with instructors discretion.

So in a nutshell our Intro divers  beginners doing it for the first time, will be much more educated to do a safe SCUBA experience with a certified Instructor that has LOTS of training. This is done in about a 30-45 minute class or longer if need be.