Scuba Diving in Maui After COVID-19

And what are scuba companies doing about Coronavirus, COVID 19?

We are getting a lot of inquires about how we will be conducting scuba diving in Maui after COVID-19 Corona virus has gone. Here’s some info about Scuba Diving and what we will be doing for your safety & ours. Safe Scuba Diving and your health is our priority.

First of all… We were the first to shut down reservations as soon as we saw the threat being a reality. I watched the other companies still out there conducting business as we were getting warnings that there may be a shut down coming. Much to the dismay of many, and some persistent requests for us to take reservations to dive and rent equipment, but I stuck to shutting down of all service

Will scuba diving be safe after COVID-19 in Maui?

We already, and always have been using disinfectant rinse on all our scuba gear between dives here at In 2 Scuba Diving Maui. Sanitizing the equipment for our divers on all dives has been something we have done from the start. And, since we have always kept our groups small, we are ahead of the game already when it comes to social distancing. Once the Coronavirus, COVID 19 pandemic is over, we will be employing even stricter standards. This will ensure we can mitigate and minimize chances of a threat to our divers safety. And of course, minimize the risk to ourselves.

COVID-19 Quarantine

 will not be required if you have tested NEGATIVE within 72 hours prior to travel Book Now

What will we be doing to facilitate safe Scuba Diving in Maui After COVID-19?

1. We will practice social distancing. 

2. All Scuba Classes are done outside, not in a confined indoor area.

 3. Provide a disinfectant hand sanitizer for our divers to wash their hands prior to using equipment.

4. Proper cleaning, disinfecting &  handling of equipment before and after use.

Built in Social Distancing

The great thing about the sport of scuba diving is that we are in, and under the water for a lot of the time you are with us. As a result this is inherently social distancing, and is a win win for you and us. Since we are making sure to keep a clean environment prior to and after the dive, then that will add to a safer experience that will naturally be built in.

Everyone is going to be adjusting to the new normal we will all be experiencing. This will hopefully just be lasting for a short time that we will have to include some of the inconveniences. But, it will be well worth it, as we all know we want to get back out there and enjoy life after these trying times of being sequestered.

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Scuba Diving in Maui After COVID-19 will be a positive experience for all