11 year old kid Maui Intro scuba diver going out Kids can scuba dive Maui, Minimum age 10 years old Honeymoon scuba in Maui And they Lived Happily Diving After All First time divers in the discover scuba class in Lahaina Scuba Lessons in Maui for the first time non certified divers Scuba Dive Lahaina With Sea Turtles Scuba Dive With Turtles in Lahaina Maui Diving in Maui is EASY Scuba in Kaanapali at Airport Beach Hi. 96761 RARE Harlequin Shrimp, Only about the size of your thumb Giant Trevale 4 foot Big Daddy, Thanks for posing Scrawled File Fish Best Scuba diving in Lahaina with Beautiful Coral Antler coral Mala Wharf Dive Site Lahaina Maui Built in 1922 collapsed in 1992 during hurricane Iniki Hawaiian Lobster Only seen at night Sea Cumber & Diver Lots of sea life to interact with when diving Maui Honeymoon Scuba Divers No Explanation Needed Lava formations Looking into hole Scuba Diving In Lahaina Lahaina Scuba Diving with a Shaka!!!!7-11 Crab,They have 7 to 11 spots on them Diving Nose to Nose with Turtle in Maui Intro scuba diver with Maui’s friendly turtles Beginner Scuba Divers in Lahaina Kaanapali Posing with Green Turtle Intro divers have a good chance of seeing sea turtles On the line Safety Stop Time Dive with Turtles in Maui Diving with protected Maui Green Sea Turtle Another Maui Shaka Diver Happy to be diving in Kaanapali Octopus. Hey mom there’s an octopus on my arm Maui Scuba Diving is REALLY OK Best Scuba Instruction in Lahaina? Thank you Big OK Eyes Ornate Butterfly. Another of my favorites Scuba Diver in Maui and Collector Urchin. They will stick to your hand with their suction cups