Q. What is the minimum age to scuba dive in Maui for kids?

A. The Minimum age to scuba dive is ten. Ten year old children can participate in the Introductory course and/or get the Jr. Open Water Certification for ten and eleven year olds. This certification would last until the age of 15, and they must dive with a certified parent, guardian or certified professional to a maximum depth of 40 feet/12 metres. At the age of 15 they would need to upgrade to the Open Water Certification.

Q. How long is the Introductory Scuba Dive / Discover Scuba Diving Course?

A. It would only take approximately 1.5 – 2 hours of your time unless you love it (like most) and want to go for a second dive.

Q. Do I have to be an athlete?

A. Not at all, just need to be medically fit. If you have asthma, heart problems, diabetes etc You will need to have a doctor clear you to go (most of the time this is NOT a problem).

Q. Where do we dive from in Kaanapali or Lahaina?

A. We dive from many different locations off the shoreline. We will only go where we see the best / safest conditions to dive in. We always will favor the dives with the most marine life activity, Turtles etc.

Q. Can I dive with my friend that is getting certified if I am already certified?

A. Yes, but we do ask that you stay at a distance so the diver being trained is not side-tracked in any way. We believe that complete attention to the learning process is paramount!

Q. How old must I be to get certified?

A. Minimum age to become certified is 10 yr. of age. That is also up to the parents and instructors discretion.

Q. How deep will we go?

A. For Introductory Divers in Maui 10 – 40 feet range. Introductory divers will never go deeper than 40′ usually 20-30. Unless they are very comfortable and choose too go deeper. Certified divers can get to the 60′ range on select sites.

Q. Are there sharks?

A. Not likely. The occurrence of sharks is very very RARE. In the event you were LUCKY enough to see one it would most likely only be a harmless White tip reef shark. They are VERY shy and you will probably only see their tail as the are leaving.

Q. How long are we underwater?

A. Average dives for Introductory divers is 30-45 mins. Certified divers generally do better on their air and can get about 40 – 50 minutes if they do well with air consumption.

Q. Is it dangerous?

A. Statistics show that scuba diving is less dangerous than bowling. Yes you read this correct. There are more injuries on the bowling lanes than there is scuba diving.

Q. What if I want to come up?

A. For Introductory divers No Problem. We will allow you to come up at any time. The only thing is that for safety reasons you must let you instructor know so that he/she may assist you during you ascent.

Q. What is the temperature of the water?

A. In the summer the temperature is around 82 degrees Fahrenheit. During the winter months it will get as low as 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Brrrrr…. LOL!!!

Q. Is the water clear?

A. On average you can expect 60′-150′ of course this all depends on the current weather conditions. If it has been raining for a day or two, it can get down to 10′. If there is a swell coming in it can get down to zero. But generally speaking the visibility is great!

Q. Do you supply the equipment and how much?

A. Yes, the prices are including equipment. This includes complimentary use of our gear. we can supply everything you need to get you out there with the turtles

Q. What thickness of wet suit should I bring?

A. The use of 3 mm shorties is common practice here. If you have your own you can expect to be pretty comfy in a 3 mm short or long. For you cold blooded people. We recommend 3 mm – 5 mm in the winter.

Q. What will I see?

A. Hmmmm? All kinds of good stuff. Hawaii has the largest worldwide population of endemic fish species. Endemic means only found in that particular region. 30% of the fish here are ONLY found here. We have lots of the endangered Hawaiian Green sea turtles. We can almost guarantee them on most dives. We have spotted Eagle Rays, Manta Rays, Rare but they’re out there White Tip Reef shark, Fog fish, Spanish dancers, lot’s of different Coral. There is just too much to list here and oh yeah, during the winter months Nov-May you can dive to the songs of the Humpback Whales. Listening to the whales sing during your dive is a memory not many divers worldwide get to take home with them truly spectacular. On the surface watch them dance above the water line, breaching, slapping their tails and flippers. Truly our favorite time of year.

Q. How many divers go in a group?

A. Our dive groups are small we only take 1-5 divers at a time. Unless it is your own group and you want to go as a group of more.

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