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Scuba Diving on Maui... Let's go!

Best scuba diving Maui has is in Lahaina and Kaanapali from the shore. There are many great shore dives to choose from in Maui. In Lahaina and Kaanapali there are three main dive sites. Airport Beach, Mala Wharf and Black Rock. Located in north Kaanapali is Airport Beach, which is the most popular. It is a beautiful reef dive with shallow depths best for the beginner divers to get comfortable being underwater. Lots of colorful fish, Green and Hawks Bill Sea turtle sightings are frequent here. There's a regular Spotted Eagle Ray we call "Sandy" that's become very comfortable with divers around her. There is an inner reef with 7 to 25 feet depths and an outer reef that will entertain first time scuba divers through advanced divers.

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Where is the Best Scuba Diving in Lahaina?

This is where you can find one of the best rated dive sites in Maui. Mala Wharf is a concrete pier that collapsed in hurricane Iniki back in 1992. It is a maze of pillars and platforms to navigate through like a Giant Pick Up Sticks jungle gym for divers. Many certified divers report this dive site as being the best they have ever done. When the White Tip Reef Sharks are there, it is always an exciting dive. This dive has lots of Spiny Sea Urchins so we reserve this one for Intro divers that are doing a second or third dive. This way they are less clumsy and can avoid the obstacles. Green Sea Turtles, tons of different types of fish can be found here at Mala Wharf.

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In the heart of Kaanapali is Black Rock. 

Located at the Sheraton Maui Resort and Spa. Black Rock is a nice dive for certified divers and as a second dive for the Beginner and first time divers. It is a wall dive with a sloping reef. Green Sea Turtles can be found here very often.


How do I scuba dive Maui as a first time beginner with no experience? 

The Intro Scuba course for beginners is designed exactly for this. All you need, is to be in reasonably good physical condition. 10 years of age and above, and not going above 1,000 feet in elevation within 12 hours after the dive. Scuba Maui Today. Find out More