Private Open Water Scuba Certification


Get your open water certification done privately with just you or your family. Would you like to just have you certification done at your pace and no one else to hold slow you down. Or are you feeling that you would just need that extra attention to your own individual needs? Private scuba lessons best way to get certified in Maui. 


Private Maui Scuba Certification Prices

Private Open Water Course 1-2 Students 2-3 days $899 per person

Private Open Water Course 3-4 Students 2-3 days $599

Scuba Certification agency processing fee $38

How to Get Certified for Diving in Maui


Maui is one of the most desirable destinations across the globe for scuba diving, snorkeling, and underwater swimming. Beautiful, clear, blue oceans make way for a whole ecosystem of unique marine life teeming just under the water's surface. People are excited for the opportunity to experience this thrilling hobby in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.


Good Scuba Training vs Bad Scuba in Lahaina, Maui

How to tell if you are getting the proper scuba training in Maui.

As you may have seen in your searches for scuba companies in Lahaina Maui. There are a lot of choices.

Scuba training has a lot of standards that your professional Instructors are required to follow. Unfortunately there are many that do short cuts to get more divers in and out of the water at your SAFETY EXPENSE.

Here are a few things you want to look for to ensure you are getting what is REQUIRED by all scuba shops, agencies, instructors when doing the Discovery Scuba / Intro scuba diver course.


You should be given a lecture that includes

How water pressure affects you

Equalizing your air spaces & ears

Never hold your breathe underwater

9 hand signals to comunicate with your instructor

How to clear water from your mask

Altitude and diving restrictions

Aquatic environment awareness


Scuba equipment orientation and use

BEWARE!!!! If your instructor simply hangs a regulator around their neck and describes it's use BEWARE!!!! ASK the company before you book your scuba diving class in Maui if they do that, if so, you DO NOT want them!!!! You should have the equipment ON, and trained to use it prior to entering the ocean!!!

How the Buoyancy compensator works

How to clear water from your mask

How to clear water from your regulator

Regulator recovery (finding your regulator), if it is falls out of your mouth and clearing water from it

How to inflate your buoyancy compensator at the surface

How to deflate your bouyancy compensator to desend and when to stop

Use of air gauge, and when to end the dive

Proper and SAFE surfacing technique

What to do if your ears are feeling pressure

Your instructor MUST have a noise making device to signal you that they need you attention and a surface signaling device, a compass, and a timing device


Shallow water training

You should be given a demonstration followed by a skill assessment from your scuba instructor in shallow water PRIOR to going for the dive.

Proper learning materials & paperwork is the Scuba Discovery Booklet with a quiz and registration form.

If you are only given a piece of paper to fill in your information and a medical questionire.

This a direct violation of the training standards set forth for ALL instructors of the Professional Association of Diving Instruction!!!



Scuba Diving Near Kahana

Kahana is close to some of the best scuba diving in Maui. With several dive sites near Kahana you can immerse yourself in some great locations to dive only 5-15 minutes from you resort.

A Beginner’s Primer to Scuba Diving


Have you always wanted to try scuba diving? Some people can’t wait to get the chance, while others may a have fear of being in the water and may be more tentative. In either case, this sport offers something for everyone. But before you jump in, here is some advice for this exciting adventure!