Advanced Open Water Diver Scuba Certification


The REAL Excitement & Adventure for SCUBA begins with the Advanced Open Water Course in Maui

$459.00 Includes Everything

Unlike your Open Water Diver Course, with all the studying, quizzes, exams; the PADI Advanced Open water Course entails minor reading and MAJOR fun!!!

You will be learning how to be a safe and proficient diver!!! You will do a total of 5 dives: Navigation, Deep which are core dives and three elective dives to choose from the specialty scuba diver courses.  




Open Water Diver Certification

PADI Adventures in Scuba Diving Manual

PADI Medical Waiver

PADI Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding

PADI General Liability Release

Not going to an elevation above 1,000 feet within 18 hours after the dives


Time Involved

5 Dives over 2-3 days



Lahaina, Kaanapali


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