Dive with More Confidence as a Rescue Diver

Here at In2scuba we dive with the utmost attention to safety! As a rescue diver you will learn how to be a much safer diver. You will learn how to help yourself and others, making you a more confident and valuable diver.
If you are intending on becoming a PADI professional. This Course is your last step before becoming a PADI Divemaster.

What you will need to buy

For the first meeting, you will need to have your Rescue Diver Manual, which includes a dive accident work slate.

Equipment needed

You will need all your diving equipment, including a knife & whistle.


You will need your medic first/ aid certification by the end of the course.
. This may be one you already posses from another agency (within the last 2 years) Or we can certify you with the PADI Emergency First Responder (*EFR) certification).

Time needed

This course has a total 5 dives that you can apply towards your 60 dives needed to complete your Divemaster certification


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