Maui Boat Diving

 Take a Dive Boat to Molokini Back Wall, Cathedrals of Lanai 

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While diving Molokini, the boat will not be tied up to a mooring during the dive. This leaves us access to anywhere the Molokini Crater has to offer and provides more terrain to cover during your dive. Dive sites can vary. From Coral, Rubble and sandy bottoms to a terraced wall dive to a vertical wall dive. The visibility is normally 60 feet on a bad day with the average around 150 feet, and 200 PLUS on a good day. Maui and Molokini water temperature is around 74 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and up to 83 in summer. We will offer the front and the back side of the crater. Molokini is only 2.5 miles off Maui at its closest point.




There are two Cathedral Dives on Lanai. The "First Cathedral" and the "Second Cathedral". The dive boat will be moored, dive at one of these sites first, then see how conditions are. If they are looking good then we will dive the other per group request. If conditions are not great we will go to some of the other awesome sites around Lanai. Lanai is truly an amazing place for diving!!! The Cathedrals are world famous for their structures and beauty. Lanai has beautiful coral reefs with fish numbers and visibility that is comparable to Molokini, without the crowds. These boat dives are a must do while on Maui!!!






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