Scuba Dive The Lanai Cathedrals in Maui

We are temporarily not scheduling Cathedral Dives

 For the adventurous diver the First and Second Cathedral Boat Dives off Lanai are a must see!!!

Located about a 50 minute boat ride from the Lahaina harbor on the west side of Maui, is whats known as the First Cathedral. There are two Cathedrals and this one is known as the First because it is the first one on the way around Lanai's south side.

 The boat will take you on a two tank dive to one of the two Cathedrals and then to another dive site off Lanai

The First-Cathedral-Dive-Lanai-640X490First Cathedral has a depth of 45-65 feet and the dive depths around it average 60-70 feet deep. The caverns ceiling is about twenty feet above. There are several locations to enter and exit through. During the dive you will be in awe of the stained glass effect, as the light shines through the holes formed in the wall of the cavern. From the sky light above, the sun beams down on to a lava formation that looks like the Cathedrals alter. We call this "Alter Rock". There have been numerous underwater weddings at this location over the years.

 You do not need any special certification to dive at either of these Cathedrals. They are NOT caves. Cave diving requires special equipment and expertize. Cave dives typically have only one entry and exit point, and you may or may not have any ambient light.

The Cathedral dives on Lanai have multiple entry and exits and lots of ambient light to navigate through them.


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Video of the First Cathedral taken on October 2, 2014