Boat Diving Molokini Maui

Most Molokini Dive boats hook up to a mooring. Our dive boat company doesn't. We do a drift drift dive along back wall of Molokini.

Molokini is located approximately 2.5 miles off the south coast of Maui And only accessible by boat. Rising up from the depths of 300 feet below. Scuba Dive at the top and drift dive around an extinct caldera that has eroded over the years. Due the the strong trade winds and waves, this has created a crescent shape at the surface. Molokini and Maui dive boats photoMolokini is only accessible by boat. There is beautiful clear water with visibility of around 200 hundred feet. There are numerous dive sites, in, and around the islet. Molokini has diving for all levels of scuba divers, from depths of 20 feet to 300 feet for technical diving. You can do drift diving along the Molokini Back Wall with the cobalt blue of the open Pacific behind and below you. You may encounter White Tip Reef Sharks, Grey Sharks, Galapagos Sharks, Whale Sharks infrequently pass by. Hundreds of different types of reef fish. On occasion you may see a Hawks Bill Sea Turtle. Green Sea Turtles do not live here on Molokini, as there is not enough sea weed to feed on.

If you feel you need to brush up or do a refresher dive prior to diving Molokini These can be scheduled prior to your trip.


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